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The Sandwiches

CPW’s Focaccia Sandwich

stuffed with ham, turkey, cheese, crisp greens, tomato, onion,

and a balsamic vinaigrette  9.50

Carolina Fromage Burger

half a pound of certified Angus beef crowned with cheddar and veggies,

served with pasta salad and fries  9.95

CPW’S Meatball Hoagie

Huge meatballs with marinara and lots of cheese stuffed in a french roll.

Baked and delicious!  Served with fries and pasta salad.  9.50

The Philly Dip

sliced ribeye grilled with green pepper, onion, mushroom, and provolone cheese.

Served on a toasted hoagie with a side of au jus, pasta salad and fries  9.50

Eggplant Parmesan Hoagie

breaded and deep-fried, baked with marinara and mozzarella cheese.

Served with pasta salad and fries  9.50

The Crawfish Po-Boy

spiced up and deep-fried Louisiana crawfish tails loaded on a crusty french bread

roll with piquant remoulade and sandwich veggies,

served with fries and pasta salad  9.95

Chicken Salad Club II

with chicken breast salad on wheat with bacon, cheese, leaf lettuce, tomato,

and onion, served with pasta salad and fries  9.50

The Olympian!

grilled chicken breast marinated with our ”Grecian Formula“. Paired with

deep-fried eggplant, crisp bacon, spinach, tomato, onion, garlic aioli, and feta

cheese. Served with fries and pasta salad.  9.95

The Texas Barbecue

half a pound of mesquite smoked beef brisket sliced thin and piled on

Texas Toast.  Smothered in our tangy ”West Texas Red“ sauce and

served with fries and pasta salad  9.50

Additional sides are offered with Sandwiches.

Garden salad can be substituted for both sides.


We have many vegetarian items on our menu as well as lo-carb friendly

choices.  Ask your Server for assistance with these... Enjoy!

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